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The Rondo Sustainability Advantage

Building a better, more sustainable world, one structure at a time

When Rondo steel is specified or installed on your project, you get access to the Rondo Sustainability Advantage. We have gone to great lengths to ensure we actively help you achieve the sustainability targets set for your project. This includes our Environmental Product Declaration and the Climate Active Certification, where you can OPT-IN for carbon-neutral metal products during the early design phase of your project. With our Level 2 certification from Steel Sustainability Australia, choosing Rondo not only enhances your project by using high-quality steel, it also grants you access to a Responsible Products Values (RPV) score of 13.



An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a comprehensive document that provides transparent and standardised information about the environmental performance of a product throughout its lifecycle. It is based on a life cycle assessment (LCA) and assesses the environmental footprint Rondo products contribute to.

How the Rondo EDP gives builders an advantage for their products:

  • The Rondo EPD comprehensively encompasses 279 of the profiles and clips offered by Rondo in the market, reflecting almost the entire product range.

  • Using products that have an EPD provides credibility to the product's footprint.

  • Many of the current rating tools prioritise the inclusion of an EPD at the outset of the criteria selection process, the EPD requires external verification and audit to ensure the accuracy of the data for all users.

  • Using products with an EPD earns points for the project from the Green Building Council of Australia.

  • Future project requirements shall demand an EPD as a prerequisite. Our Australian-made products, coupled with an EPD, showcase our enhanced transparency and adaptability to service projects Australia-wide.

Having EPDs from suppliers empowers builders with information that supports sustainable decision-making, enhances marketing efforts, and helps navigate the evolving landscape of environmental regulations and consumer expectations.

The Rondo EPD was certified and made available to Rondo customers in December 2020, click here to view 


Climate Active is an Australian government initiative focused on fostering voluntary climate action within the countries business sector in alignment with national climate policy. The program empowers businesses, organisations, and local governments to measure, manage, and neutralise their carbon emissions.

Upon achieving Climate Active certification, Rondo introduces its OPT-IN program, enabling customers to request the incorporation of Rondo products, as outlined in the Rondo EPD, into their respective projects. The OPT-IN program allows a relevant project to offset the emissions produced from the install of the Rondo steel profiles and clips. The emissions shall be calculated across the financial year and once verified and approved by Climate Active, carbon credits shall be purchased and allocated to the relevant project.   The type and cost of these credits will be determined in collaboration with the customer at the commencement of the OPT-IN program.

This means when a builder opts into the Climate Active program with Rondo, they are effectively using carbon credits to offset the carbon footprint produced by Rondo products for the relevant project. Beyond the significant environmental benefits associated with selecting carbon-neutral Rondo metal products, other compelling advantages include:

  • Choosing OPT-IN early in a project allows more time to develop a design tailored to the project's sustainability goals, fostering the creation of the most efficient and cost-effective design
  • Achieving energy and cost savings
  • Aligning with stakeholder expectations
  • Elevating corporate reputation and image
  • Fostering stronger connections with the community
  • Achieving building star rating goal (Green stars)


The Green Building Council Australia and Steel Sustainability Australia joined forces to enable steel manufacturers to achieve various certification levels, spanning from 1 to 3. This certification level, in turn, qualifies the manufacturer for the attainment of a Responsible Products Values score (RPV)*.

In December 2023, Rondo achieved certification to Steel Sustainability Australia (SSA) Level 2A**. This program was designed to replace the previous Environmental Sustainability Charter (ESC), under which all Rondo customers were granted 1 Responsible Products Value (RPV – Green Stars). The SSA program aims to recognise steel suppliers committed to sustainability by evaluating the environmental and social implications of their steelwork manufacturing and processing operations.

By obtaining certification to SSA Level 2A*, any customer purchasing and installing Rondo products can now accrue a RPV score of 13. These RPVs can be utilised to contribute to the environmental targets set for their projects.

Rondo is proud to play a proactive role in supporting builders by offering certifications like the RPV score of 13, enabling them to achieve their projects desired Green Star certification level. These certifications range from the 3-star “Best Practice” to the 5-star “Australian Excellence” and the prestigious 6-star “World Leadership”. The star rating itself offers huge advantages from being recognised for leadership in sustainability while also having proven financial benefits such as higher annual return on builds.


ISO 14001 stands as the globally acknowledged benchmark for Environmental Management Systems (EMS). This standard offers organisations a structured framework to develop, implement, and consistently enhance their environmental performance.

Rondo has undergone ISO 9001 audits since 1993 and ISO 14001 audits since 2011. Utilising our Environmental Management System, we consistently evaluate and enhance our processes, focusing on sustainability within our operations and procurement procedures. Each year, Rondo undergoes external audits to ensure strict adherence to ISO 14001 certification standards, reaffirming our commitment to environmental excellence.

Builders partnering with Rondo, a manufacturer operating under ISO 14001, enjoy a multitude of advantages, including enhanced environmental responsibility, assured regulatory compliance, access to sustainably selected materials, optimised supply chain practices, minimised environmental impact, distinctive market positioning, increased stakeholder satisfaction and effective risk mitigation.

ISO 14001


Green Star Buildings serves as the Green Building Council of Australia's rating tool specifically designed for new constructions and significant refurbishments.

Green Star Buildings grants the Green Star Certified certification, featuring three levels of recognition – 4 Star, 5 Star, and 6 Star. These levels represent Best Practice, Australian Excellence, and World Leadership, respectively. At Rondo, we pride ourselves in offering the above certifications to assist projects in achieving the best Green Start Rating possible*. Rondo has provided its products to numerous Green Star-certified buildings, including the ones listed:

6 Green Stars: Royal Randwick – Winx Stand NSW, 4 Parramatta Square NSW, Jubilee Place QLD and Midtown Centre QLD

5 Stars: Kings Square, WA

4 Stars: The New Royal Adelaide Hospital, SA

*The SSA Certification Program is a recognised Product Certification Initiative within the Green Star rating tools. Products certified by this initiative may contribute to a project’s Green Star rating through the Responsible Products credits 
provided proof of certification is included in the Green Star submission. This initiative’s Responsible Product Value (RPV) is 13.

** Level 2A certification achieves ‘Good Practice’ recognition under GBCA's Responsible Products Framework in the Green Star Buildings rating tool. 


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