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Knauf doesn't just stand as a recommended plasterboard supplier for Rondo; they also maintain a substantial 50% ownership stake in the company, alongside CSR.

Rondo takes great pride in its partnership with Knauf, collaborating to provide integrated ceiling and wall systems in Australia, combining steel and plasterboard expertise for exceptional results.



Our History


Rondo has a long-standing history of business with the Gypsum Industry starting with the partnership with Australian Gypsum Industries (later Boral Plasterboard) in 1965.  
Over the years, this collaboration has continued and encompassed company ownership and brand changes including Boral Plasterboard to USG Boral to Knauf. 
Now known as Knauf Gypsum, the KNAUF/RONDO partnership solidifies both entities positions as distinguished leaders within the building materials sector.

Knauf Systems +

The ultimate lightweight plasterboard design guide, Systems+ has been purposely designed for architects, engineers, builders, certifiers and plastering contractors to make it easier to select the right system for any project.

Covering a wide range of Knauf systems, Systems+ provides certified fire rating, acoustic and structural performance data and installation specifications. This helps you to find the right system for your project so you can specify and comply with ease.

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Knauf Systems+